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Public Housing - Property & Asset Inspection Program

Scope: PHA sought for a Pennsylvania Certified Elevator Inspection Agency with program scheduling & management capabilities to perform elevator inspections of various elevators at the PHA sites across City of Philadelphia. The contractor must perform initial six (6) months inspections and also perform follow-up inspections six (6) months later. The inspections must comply with all laws, rules and regulations concerning the inspection of elevators including all of the requirements of Chapter 405 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Code entitled “Elevators and other Lifting Devices.” After elevator inspections, the contractor must send all inspection report paperwork and updated elevator certifications for all elevators to PHA by December 31 of each year of contract. The contractor shall not perform any repairs if deficiencies are found during the elevator inspection. If repairs are needed, the contractor must immediately notify Mr. Phillip Calhoun at PHA. After the required repairs are made, if another inspection is required, the contractor shall perform such inspections within 48 hours after notice from PHA. The contractor shall perform 3 Year and 5-year Elevator test Witnessing as needed.
Schedule: Prior to commencing work, the contractor must provide Mr. Phillip Calhoun with a schedule when the inspections will be performed at each site. The schedule cannot be modified without PHA’s prior written approval. The schedule must allow PHA a minimum of 48 hours to notify its residents that elevator work will be performed in their building.
Service: Master service agreement (MSA) to offer elevator inspection & REAC Inspection and training services. CG Global is the prime vendor for the elevator testing & inspection contract. Period: 05/2018 – 04/2020 (For REAC Inspection Contract) & 01/2021 – 12/2022 (For Elevator Inspection Contract).
Resident Outreach & Engagement – Responsible for coordination of public housing resident outreach and diverse stakeholder engagement for field inspection scheduling issue resolution.
CG Global Management Solutions, LLC
Philadelphia, PA
Program Management
Program Scheduling
Resident Outreach Coordination
Asset Inspection
Inspection Data Analysis & Reporting.
Elevator Modernization vs Repair Evaluation & Recommendation Community Outreach & Engagement
Duration of Contracts
Jan 2021 – Dec 2022
May 2018 – April 2020