Energy Management

CG Global is a unique energy management service provider that offers industry best-practice solutions to help businesses reduce energy costs, achieve net-zero emission & sustainability target, and develop project-specific energy plan with ESG component.
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CG Global has comprehensive Energy Management services in Utility Coordination, Energy Audit, LEED certification support, Energy Efficiency, Energy Procurement, and Energy Cost Reduction Consulting & Advisory services.
Utility Coordination
We bridge the gap between the various project owners during or after any infrastructure project implementation. Our team ensures that we safeguard the physical infrastructure and have hassle-free essential services rolling during and after the project phase. We help you mitigate any delays in the project, dissent amongst the stakeholders, or even budgetary overruns.
Utilities Coordination
Energy Audit
We are focussed on helping organizations achieve maximum energy efficiency by conducting Energy Audits. We come up with smart data-driven recommendations and action plans for an organization to become Energy efficient. This exercise also helps the organizations to understand the avenues that can contribute to cost saving by highlighting process gaps. Our conclusive reports emphasize processes that can contribute to energy-saving measures.
Energy Procurement
Our pivotal Energy Procurement services are directed towards reducing operational costs and risk-management in-keeping with a substantial financial discipline. CG Global provides holistic solutions considering market volatility and an organization’s business objectives. Our data-driven solutions assist in arriving at the best practices to reach the optimum purchasing opportunities.