Data Science Management

CG Global deployed innovative technology and devices such as EV charger, drones & IoT to collect construction data, energy consumption data, equipment emission data, etc., our expert data scientist process these structured & unstructured datasets to create data engineering pipeline to train AI & ML models for analytics, data visualization and dashboard reporting.
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We empower our Data scientists with training focused on helping them take data-driven solutions. Predictive analysis and data mining concepts are part of our daily work life. We understand the need for these key elements to drive the business decisions of the changing technology-driven marketplace.

Our training ensures our teams become proficient in handling huge amounts of raw data and processing it to provide meaningful insights for our clients.

Disruptive Technologies at the Forefront
AI-ML-based technological solutions are paving the way to the most innovative solutions in Energy Management, Construction Management, Project Management, etc. We are at the helm of driving scalable and unique solutions to our clients by giving them meaningful insights from the huge data handled in their business processes and deploying AI-ML models.
Disruptive Technologies
What do our clients derive from our services?
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Design Simulations
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Cost Optimization
  • Asset Inspection