Mission, Vision, Values

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Mission, Vision & Values

CG Global Management Solutions, LLC an MBE & SDB certified firm, was founded to offer technical & management solutions in industry verticals such as Construction, Energy, Utilities, Transportation, IT, Real Estate, Healthcare and Government Contracting. We provided services to commercial, not-for-profit and government clients.
To provide innovative solutions that helps optimize environmental, social & governance strategies for our customers.
To grow through clean energy, data and digital transformation initiatives, and advocate for ESG, supplier diversity & local content in project ecosystem.
Strategic Partner

Promote smart/digital grid & grid modernization programs.


Continue to support initiatives for more equitable, brighter and sustainable future for all customers.​

Economic Development

provide innovation through EV Charger & DER deployment, data & digital technology

Workforce Development

Create new EV, clean energy & data science jobs – apprenticeships & internships.

Sustain & Grow

Bring new ideas and solutions to our customers that are sustainable & ESG compliant

Diverse Supplier

Become strategic diverse supplier partner with our customers.

To enhance the effectiveness of matching diverse suppliers to actual contract opportunities to meet sustainable sourcing policy & strategy.​

To create sustainable value & benefits for our customers through deployment of cloud-based & AI-powered asset inspection tool.​

To increase diverse supplier access to government, corporation, project bidding & processing of awarded contracts.​

To bring sustainable ideas and solutions to impact the environment and provide a safer, cleaner and brighter future for all communities.​

To develop an ecosystem of diverse suppliers based on comprehensive and collaborative approach with key stakeholders sharing the same common goals.​

Compliance & Governance

All our staff are required to comply with, and adhere to company code of conduct.

We seek collaborative partners in disruptive innovation. Let’s start the productive conversation.