Best sustainable, reliable and resilient solutions to propel the growth trajectory of your business.
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Consumers worldwide are shifting gears in choosing products & services committed to a green economy. Products exhibiting sustainable practices are enticing the consumer’s attention. More and more corporations are committing to the Net zero strategy to stay ahead of their competition.

The regulatory compliance is becoming stringent, as businesses face the daunting challenge of keeping up with compliance norms while holding the attention of their customers.

CG Global brings you the power of technology and the most unique, viable infrastructure solutions to drive cost-efficiency and process effectiveness in your business.

Clean Energy

Simplified Solutions

Be it power, e-mobility, or construction, we have the right solutions for your ESG/Sustainability strategies. CG Global establishes a unique technology-dominant, data-driven environment for your business to reach the best sustainable, reliable, and resilient solutions in the value chain.

Related Services

Smart Cities

CG Global provides specialized and industry best-practice end-to-end project management solutions to our client’s critical project management challenges in energy, utilities, construction and Electrified Transportation Infrastructure projects.

CG Global provides a unique construction management services focusing on supporting project owners & general contractors/construction managers to meet or exceed their small business & diverse supplier participation goals on any project.
CG Global is a unique small business focused energy management service provider that offers industry best-practice solutions to help small businesses reduce energy cost and environmental impact of their business operations.
Op Maintenance
CG Global team can support your asset management team to perform asset identification & registration, and asset inspection data integration from our drone data processing platform into your asset health database to support real-time decision making of asset operators.
Master Planning
CG Global deployed innovative technology and devices such as EV charger, drones & IoT to collect construction data, energy consumption data, equipment emission data, etc., our expert data scientist process these structured & unstructured datasets to create data engineering pipeline to train AI & ML models for analytics, data visualization and dashboard reporting.
Work at CG Global is enriching and fulfilling as we are in a constant endeavor to create a learning and inclusive work environment for all our employees. We accept the challenges of dynamic technological advancements and foster the skills of our employees to stay ahead of the times.

CG Global provides specialized technical & design support services and industry best-practice of CAD design and field-based engineering solutions to our client’s critical design challenges in energy, utilities, construction, and electrified transportation Infrastructure projects.