Asset Management

CG Global team can support your asset management team to perform asset identification & registration, and asset inspection data integration from our drone data processing platform into your asset health database to support real-time decision making of T&D operators.
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We are focussed on providing our CG Global team with the best knowledge assets to manage all the aspects of Asset Inspections. Our team is dextrous to handle Workflow management for site inspections, Drone imaging support, and deployment of AI models to detect any production defects at work sites.

We constantly work to reduce the escape and overkill rates and bring out the maximum efficiency in the asset inspection process.

Asset Inspection

Asset inspection is a continuous process of assessing the conditions of the assets to evaluate the life cycle of each asset involved in a project. Our Asset Inspection capabilities extend from the inspection of inventories to verifying data and generating purposeful and actionable reports for our clients. The Inspections comply with the regulatory norms and ensure the project is in line with quality and safety standards, whether the project is progressing based on the committed timelines.

We deploy cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions to achieve our client’s best outcomes. Our cloud-based solutions make information accessible for all stakeholders on a real-time basis.