Workforce Development & Training

We are committed to giving back to society by creating a skillful talent pool bringing technology and knowledge closer to them. We seek to bring overall development to society with our specific workforce development initiatives.
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Work at CG Global is enriching and fulfilling as we are in a constant endeavor to create a learning and growing work ecosystem for all our employees. We accept the challenges of dynamic technological advancements and foster the skills of our employees to stay ahead of the times.

As part of our commitment to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free & net-zero future, we will continue to act as a catalyst for change in our communities. This includes workforce development initiatives that provide access to technology & technical learning opportunities and create economic access, generational wealth, and family-supporting careers.

Workforce Development & Training Services

  • Our workforce development initiatives are directed towards providing access to technology and technological learning opportunities that create economic access, family-supporting careers, and generational wealth.
  • CG Global has identified technical/vocational schools and two- and four-year college partnerships that will ultimately create a robust pipeline that benefits the communities we serve. We foster these partnerships through the college recruiting platform – Handshake.
  • We partner with local community colleges and universities for an invaluable opportunity to develop local talents within STEM concentrations. This approach creates a sustainable talent pipeline that contributes to our future success.
  • We also are establishing external partnerships with workforce development organizations such as, ,, and others that will result in trade & technical-related jobs.
Project Management & Project Controls

We equip our team with the best-in-class project management skills required to drive growth for our clients. We offer comprehensive Project management support services, project risk management, project management training, and strategic project management staff augment services as per the requirement of our clients.

CG Global has a talented and certified team of professionals who bring years of experience and industry insights to yield optimum results for your projects.

Construction Scheduling
Construction Scheduling

Our Primavera 6 certified experts are adept at planning, executing, and managing all the construction scheduling needs. Our focus has been to create a technically skillful workforce that can provide innovative solutions to our customers with their in-depth overviews.

Our team of experts can handle any project complexity and help minimize any project-related risks to ensure a hassle-free execution of projects.

Asset Inspections

We are focussed on providing our CG Global team with the best knowledge assets to manage all the aspects of Asset Inspections. Our team is dextrous to handle Workflow management for site inspections, Drone imaging support, and deployment of AI models to detect any production defects at work sites.

We constantly work to reduce the escape and overkill rates and bring out the maximum efficiency in the asset inspection process.

Asset Inspection Training
EV Charger Installation Technicians
EV Charger Installation Technicians

With the world drifting towards going green, we understand the need of the times and the necessity for our workforce to be prepared to adapt to these changes. Our workforce development and training programs focus on ensuring high-quality knowledge sessions for our technicians to ensure they comply with the government norms and regulations while executing the EV charger installation with utmost efficiency.

Our technicians are highly skillful in installing, repairing, and maintaining EV charging stations at commercial or residential outlets.

Data Analyst

We empower our Data scientists with training focused on helping them take data-driven solutions. Predictive analysis and data mining concepts are part of our daily work life. We understand the need for these key elements to drive the business decisions of the changing technology-driven marketplace.

Our training ensures our teams become proficient in handling huge amounts of raw data and processing it to provide meaningful insights for our clients.