Quality Management & Commitment

Quality remains a key commitment we offer our stakeholders. We are dedicated to constantly improvising our processes and strategies to deliver quality-driven sustainable solutions for our customers.
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Quality Management & Commitment

At CG Global our Corporate Values, Collaborative Environment, Responsibility, Integrity and Innovation, provide the foundation for our commitment to the management of Quality as a key component of maximizing stakeholder value.

We believe principles of Quality are vital to our competitive advantage to develop, operate and manage high quality assets on behalf of our customers and meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

Quality Management

CG Global is committed to the following Quality principles:

  • We believe defects are preventable.
  • We continuously improve our culture of Quality.
  • We adopt Quality management principles as a foundation to add value to our stakeholders.
  • We endeavor to do business with suppliers and contractors who share our expectations for Quality and work with them to continually improve their system.
  • We clearly communicate our expectations for Quality in our business processes, decisions and products.
  • We monitor and continuously improve our Quality performance.
  • We conduct our business, so it meets or exceeds all applicable laws, regulations and internal requirements thereby minimizing risk to our employees, suppliers, contractors and the public.
  • We encourage reporting of all hazards, potential hazards, incidents and near hits.
  • We take every report seriously, investigate to identify facts and ensure immunity for the good faith reporting of all incidents and issues.
  • All personnel making reports in good faith will be protected.
  • Good faith reporting means an open, honest, fair and reasonable report without malice or ulterior motive.
  • Good faith reporting is intended to remove protection for personnel making intentionally false or malicious reports, or who seek to exempt their own negligence or willful misconduct by the act of making a report.