Engineering & Design

CG Global provides specialized technical & design support services and industry best-practice of CAD design and field-based engineering solutions to our client’s critical design challenges in energy, utilities, construction, and electrified transportation Infrastructure projects.
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Our team of expert designers helps you visualize the functionality and aesthetics of any conceptual design. Our designing expertise can help you narrow down your cost efforts and derive the best-desired outcomes from your infrastructure projects.
CAD Designs
We understand the need of our customers to have precise technical designs for their infrastructure projects, and it gives them control over their concepts and helps them visualize their project ideas in real time. Our team members are certified CAD designers with practical experience in working on various energy, utilities, construction, and electrified transportation projects. Here is what we deliver:
  • Efficient designs in the shortest timeline
  • Editable designs ready to take up any iterations
  • Reduction in manual error
  • Sharable and Cloud-based designs easily accessible to the respective stakeholders